Terms of Business

Treating our customers fairly

The Directors, Officers and Staff of Butcher Robinson & Staples International Limited greatly value the business relationships we have with our customers; both new and those spanning a number of years.

Dealing with us

It is our desire and intent to provide our insurance and claims intermediary services not only to the best of our ability, but to ensure a fair and proper outcome for our customers in all dealings with us.

To ensure a fair and proper outcome we have corporate policies in place to identify any conflicts of interest that may arise between what we do in our business and the interests of our customers. Where identified we strive to remove them or resolve such conflicts in a fair, open and equitable manner.

Our remuneration

In providing our services as an Insurance Intermediary we are usually remunerated by the payment of a commission to us by the Insurer. This is as per the Terms of Business Agreements between us.

We are happy to fully explain the remuneration for our services upon request.

In the foregoing the words Insurance and Insurer are interchangeable with Reinsurance and Reinsurer.


Should you feel we have in any way fallen short of these standards (or you have any question) please tell us by contacting:

The Compliance Officer
Butcher Robinson & Staples International Limited
Sackville House, 143-149 Fenchurch Street
London, EC3M 6BN


We conduct our business in accordance with Terms of business reflecting the nature of our clients.  For details of our Terms of Business please select one of the options below -


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